Historical background of Caffee

The Oromo People are one of the nations that constitute Ethiopia. The Oromos used to have their own traditional democratic system of self-governance known as the Gada System. However, due to the invasion of the ‘Neftenya’ and consequently not having the political power, and also the economic and socio-cultural domination, the Gada System was eroded and replaced by the iron rule of the ‘Neftenyas’. And thus, the culture, language and history of the Oromo people become dominated and neglected.

After several years of bitter struggle and sacrifice of the Oromo people, together with other nations and nationalities of the country toppled the ‘Neftenya’ system, and started a new era of equality, which enabled them to practice the right of self-determination and self-rule as per affirmation of the Transitional Charter of 1991 (G.C).

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