The Powers and duties of the Standing Committees

The standing committees of the ‘Cafee’ shall have the general powers and duties to:

1.       Investigate and submit proposals to the ‘Caffee’ on the draft laws referred to them pursuant to Article 45 of this proclamation;

2.       Follow up and supervise the government organs assigned to them pursuant to the powers and duties of the standing committees;

3.       Receive and entertain various complaints submitted to them in different ways as the case may be;

4.       Subject to the purpose of their establishment, conduct study and supervise the effective implementation of laws, policies, strategies and programs of the Regional Governement;

5.       Organize various study and discussion forums as well as facilitate mechanisms for experience sharing;

6.       Can undertake their activities by sharing it to the sub committees;

7.       Make sure that legislative and supervisory activities are done on gender equality basis and gender sensitized manner;

8.       Initiate legal proposals for the issuance of new laws or for the revision of the existing ones,or cause other organs of the same;

9.       Undertake other assignments given by the ‘Caffee’ or the speaker;

10.    Notwithstanding the general powers and duties of the standing committees,each standing committee shall implement its detailed powers and duties having approved them by the ‘Caffee’;


The Caffee have different Committees. These are:

1.The Administrative & Legal Affairs Standing committee,

2.The Rural & Agricultural Development Affairs Standing committee,

3.Budget & Finance Affairs Standing Committee,

4.Economic Affairs Standing Committee,

5.The People Organization & Social Affairs Standing Committee, and

6.Women’s Affairs Standing Committee

7.Capacity building affairs standing Committee


8.Government expense Administration and control affairs standing Committee