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           Establishment and Objectives

The Oromia Civil Service Commission (henceforth referred to as the Commission), previously known as the Bureau of Personnel Administration, was established as an executive organ in 1985 by the Council of the Regional Government of Oromia to administer, monitor, evaluate, and coordinate the implementation of law, rules, regulations, policies and directives of civil service (CS) and human resource management (HRM) in the Region. (Oromia Regional Government proclamation no 41/1985).

Currently, the Regional Government employs over 242,000 civil servants, about a third of the total civil servants in the country, who are subject to the Civil Service law. The Regional Government has clearly sets out the values and principles of CS institutions administered by the Commission including promoting and maintaining a high standard of professional ethics, providing responsive services impartially, fairly, and equitably and without bias, and ensuring accountability on the part of the CS administration.

B.            Structure and Manpower

The Commission, with a total manpower of 103 employees (57 males and 46 females), is structured, based on Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) program, into three core and three support processes (departments):

1.      Human Resource Information, Planning & Development Core Process;

2.      Organization, Position Classification and HR Utilization Core Process;

3.      Supervision, Implementation of Laws and Adjudicate Core Process;

4.      Human Resource Administration Support Process;

5.      Procurement and Finance Support Process, and

6.      Internal Audit Support Process.

Most of the Commission’s employees are diverse in professional disciplines: Management, Public Administration, Law, Accounting, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, Geography, Language, Educational Administrational and Management. In terms of qualifications, six of them possess MA/MSC degree, 28 BA/BSC degree, 24 Diploma holders and three attended 1st to 4th year University Education. The remaining 15 are graduates of Technical School (10+1 and 10+2), 18 completed Secondary School Education, and seven completed grades 6 to 9. 

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