Oromia Investment Commission is one of government institution established as per relevant laws of the National Regional State of Oromia so as to facilitate establishment and expansion of private investment in 18 zonal and 12 autonomous urban centers of the region.

Major responsibility and duties given for the commission include the identification and the study of potential resources and opportunities available in the region for development and expansion of private investment activities in the region. It has also be given a responsibilities to provide quality services to investors and promote the identified potential by using different means so as to attract potential investors capable of investing in the regional state.

So far, in the implementation of these assigned duties and responsibilities, the office has performed many tasks in expanding the activities of private investment in the region. It has also tried to exert its responsibility in implementing the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) of the country which has been believed to lay a fertile ground in transforming the economy from agrarian to an industry leading economy.

Identifying, Organizing and promoting the Investment potentials of the Region via efficient and effective leadership and providing follow up and after care services for investors we ensure sustainable socio-economic growth and improved livelihood of the people.

We accomplish to see Oromia transformed towards industrial led economy and become one of the Nation’s middle income people by the year 2020.