An Over View of Oromia Jusice Bureau.

 Oromia Justice Bureau was legally established as one of the executive

organs of the regional state

structures in 1986, pursuant to proclamation No 6/1986, with the

name Known as “The General public

prosecutor’s office,”  Following its establishment, it also had been

reorganized about three (3) times before

it took over its present organization and name in 1998, in accordance

with proclamation No 105/1998. 



To ensure rule of law in oromia region by bringing those individuals who violates the

constitution and the law to justice and cause a speedy and fair decision against them, by

keeping records of legal evidences, and by developing the  legal awareness of the people.


To ensure rule of law and consequently; realize a reliable justice system that wins the public

trust throughout oromia region by 2012



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