·          To develop, deploy and use information and communication technology to improve the livelihood of the people of our region optimize its contribution to the development of the region.


·          We aspire to see every aspect of our people’s life in region is ICT assisted.

Core Values

·          We are restlessly work the integrity and loyalty to our customers

·          We encourage innovation and the use of emerging technologies to exceed in our work,

·          Employees  who  are capable of discharging responsibility with professional ethics the basis of our success.

·          we   work for our  customer ,mast for our bosses

·          customer pay all our salaries ,we must do what it takes to please them

·          we gat paid for the value  we create

·          we must accept the ownership of the problems and get them solved.


First Name      

Last Name      






Gafannoo Gafannoo
Odeeffannoon gama portaliin(websaayitiin) keenyaan argattaan maal fakkataa?

a. Baay`ee gaarii dha
b. Gaarii dha
c. Gahaa dha
d. Gahaa miti

ምርጫዎች ምርጫዎች
ከተለያዩ የመንግስት አካላት ጋር በምን መልኩ መገናኘት ይመርጣሉ?

a. በኢሜል
b. በቀጥታ በመሄድ
c. በአጭር የፅሁፍ መልዕክት
d. በፌስቡክ፣ ትዊተረ፣ በውይይት መድረኮች፣ ወዘተ
e. በሌሎች