Whereas, it is necessary that commercial activities must be undertaken in accordance with appropriate practices based on free market economic policy of the country;Whereas, it is desirable to protect the business community from anticompetitive and unfair market practices, and also consumers from misleading market conducts, and to establish a system that is conducive for the promotion of competitive market;Whereas, it is necessary to prevent the proliferation of goods and services that endanger the health and well being of consumers, following the expansion of commercial activities, and to ensure their safeness and suitableness to human health in a sustainable manner, and to create the possibility that consumers get goods and services equivalent to the price they pay;Whereas, it is found important to determine the powers and duties of organs that will be in charge of the responsibility to carry on executive and judiciary activities in order to ensure the implementation of this Proclamation;Now therefore, inaccordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia it is hereby proclaimed as follows.


     Labsii Hojimaata Daldalaa