tajajilaa argataan maal fakataa

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a. baay'ee garii
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b. garii
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Oromia Pastoral Area Development Commission (OPADC), is a National Regional State’s institution that coordinates all developmental endevours which relates to pastoral communities in and around Pastoral areas of Oromia National State, Ethiopia. 

OPADC was established in 2002 in line with the government’s policy and rural development strategyimplementations. This is in due considerations of practical climatic and living conditions of Pastoral area communities and enable an accelerated and sustained developmental engagements to the benefits of the residents.read more


Enable sustainable growth of products and productivity in Pastoral community areas – ensure registering an enhanced income that also has maximized contributions to industry realization efforts by the year 2020.



Oversee coordinating of knowledge, resources as well as organizing property of the pastoral area communities; adopt appropriate modern technologies in engaging in developmental activities for pastoral area communities; realize an organized and available social service amenities; enabling a sustained growth of products and productivity - beckoning agriculture led economy; triggering livelihood fundamentals, transforming the lives of the pastoral area communities.