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Dr. Feto Esimo  

Distinguished visitor,Thank you for visiting the official website of Oromia Agricultural Research institute (IQQO, ├Źnstitiutii Qorannoo Qonna Oromiyaa’).

Agricultural sector of the Region and IQQO

As for the country at large, agriculture is the major source of economy for Oromia regional state and many agree that the region has the highest agricultural production potential.  Despite such potential, the agricultural sector is predominantly subsistence and has been suffering from low resource utilization, low-tech inputs and recurrent draught. To solve these problems, use of improved agricultural technologies and scientific knowledge is not an option, rather it is a mandatory. IQQO was established by proclamation No. 44/2001 in 2001 to support the agricultural development efforts of the region through adapting, generating, multiplying, and disseminating appropriate agricultural technologies. So far, a number of research outputs including improved crop, livestock, NRM and agricultural mechanization technologies and information were generated by the institute and disseminated to the farming/pastoral communities.

A lot of work is expected from us in the following years. Here in IQQO, I can assure you that we are all committed to making Oromia food and nutrition secured region in the country by continuing fighting against poverty through agricultural research. We want to work professionally and make a difference.

Let's plan what to do

As a fellow citizen, strongly engaged in the fight against poverty not only on a personal but also a professional level, let me invite you to cruise through our web pages and take an active interest in our research activities. Let's plan and do whatever we can to fight poverty. Let’s work hard to change image of the country in general and our region in particular.

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