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Oromia Agricultural Research Institute

Bore Agricultural Research Center



By increasing agricultural technologies, in 2012 E.C bring basic/fundamental change in agricultural productivity at farm level.




Through improving innovativeness and knowledge, Bore Agricultural delivers technologies that increase production and productivity of agriculture and boosts raw material supply for industry, and contribute to the improvement of overall livelihood of society in southern Oromia on sustainable bases.


Objective of the center


To generate and disseminate appropriate  agricultural technologies to the rural farming community and to all other agricultural technology users including state farm enterprise that benefit from agricultural research.


Research Process Descriptions


ü  Crop research technology generation process


Cereal team:- doing on food barley, bread wheat, high land and mid-land maize.

Pulse and oil crop team: - conducting ion field pea, fababean, soyabean, haricot bean and linseed.

Horticulture and spice team:-doing on Irish potato and sweat potato.


ü  Natural Resource research technology generation process


  Agro forestry research team:- currently conducting research activities on characterization of highland bamboo species and adaptation of fruit trees species.


Soil and water conservation research team:- works on biological soil and water conservation to generate effective techniques important for sustainable utilization of natural resource. 



It is located in southern Oromia region of Guji zone Bore district, which is situated at about 387km from Addis Ababa/ Finfinne and 270 km from Negelle Borana to the North and the South direction respectively with an average altitude of 600-2700 m.a.s.l. Having a wide range of climatic variables including rainfall ranging from 1000-1500mm and temperature 10-220c


Tel;- +251-046-667-02-02


P. O. Box   21, Bore

E-Mail   tamrat.dinkale@gmail.com

Address Zone;- Guji

Aanaa;- Bore