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Oromia Agricultural Research Institute 

Fadis Agricultural Research Center


To be a leading/center of excellence in agricultural research in the region as well as in the country through increasing the supply of improved agricultural technologies to the farmers/agro-pastoralist and basic change of livelihood at farmer level should be ensured in 2012 E.C.


To enhance agricultural production and productivity, reduce poverty and improve livelihood of farmer/agro-pastoral/pastoral communities in sustainable base through conserving and protecting natural resource adapting, generating, testing, multiplying and disseminating appropriate agricultural technologies.


Objectives of the center

 To conduct research on crop, livestock, natural resource, agricultural mechanization and socio-economic to increase agricultural production and productivity.

Ø  To reduce product loss and add value to the agricultural products

Ø  To attain sustainable food self-sufficiency and reduce poverty in the region and national at large.

Research Process Descriptions

Crop research technology generation process

Ø  Cereal crops case team

Ø  Pulse and oil seed crop case team

Ø  Horticulture case team

Natural Resource research technology generation process

v  Water harvesting and irrigation

v  Soil and water conservation

v  Agro-forestry case team

Livestock research technology generation process

v  Livestock feed and range land management team

v  Apiculture case team

Agricultural Extension & Economics

Ø  Agricultural extension case team

ØAgricultural  economic case team


It’s found in Harar town which is located at 525 km to the east from Addis Ababa. The center has two research stations Bokko and Erer.

Fadis research station is situated in Fadis district and located at altitude of 1650 masl. Fadis district receive an annual rainfall of 820mm and minimum and maximum temperature of the area is 150c and 300c respectively.

Erer was situated in Erer valley in Babile district. The altitude of the area varies between 1300-1350 masl. The minimum and maximum temperature of the area is varies between 29-38 0c

Tel;- 0256,66,75,49/0256,66,75,50/0256,66,35,25

Fax;- 0256667551


P. O. Box ;- 904