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Oromia Agricultural Research Institute

Haro-Sabu Agricultural Research Center


Anticipating for food self-sufficiency and security and for modernized agricultural society in sustainable environment in western oromia region in particular and in the country in general.


Contribution to the strategy planned for food self-sufficiency and security, poverty reduction and subsequent improvement of socio-economic conditions of the farming community and other stakeholders in diversified agro-ecologies of wollega zone through adaptation, generation and transfer of demand driven sustainable agricultural technologies in a multidisciplinary and participatory research approach that increase agricultural productivity while protecting, restoring and maintaining of natural resources in the environment.

Objectives of the center

ü  To generate new technologies, introducing, screening and recommending the effective one

ü  To adapt major crops of the area which are improved by technology manipulation

ü  To make the farmers more beneficial by minimizing cost of production and maximizing production

ü  To demonstrate technologies on farmer’s field, change attitude, make familiar with technologies and use.

Research Process Descriptions

Crop research technology generation process

Ø  Cereals research teams

Ø  Pulse and oil-seed research team

Ø  Horticultural research team

Ø  Coffee research team

Natural Resource research technology generation process

v  Soil fertility improvement and, soil and water conservation team

v  Agro-forestry research team.

Livestock research technology generation process

v  Animal feed and rangeland management research team

v  Apiculture research team

Agricultural Extension & Economics

Ø  Agricultural extension

 ØAgricultural economics


It is located in Kellem Wollega zone and 550km from Finfinne. The elevation of the center is 1300-2000masl, temperature 23-340c and annual rainfall 1000-1300mm which has a beautiful scene for vision and is quite conducive for agricultural production system under rain-feed in present climatic conditions.


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