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Oromia Agricultural Research Institute

Nekemte Research Center


By increasing agricultural technologies, basic/fundamental change in agricultural productivity at farm level is brought.



By increasing knowledge of innovation of new technologies on soil fertility improvement sustainable and improved livelihood of the society in the research area is secured.

Objectives of the center

To make soil test based fertilizer calibration study; to give soil testing services, to prepare soil fertility map for soil potential use in crop production and application of the right fertilizer type and rate where plant nutrients are deficient; to provide technical advices on soil related problems; and finally to increase production and productivity of agricultural crops.

Research Focus

Soil fertility and productivity improvement is the research focus of the center.


Research Process Descriptions

Natural Resource research technology generation process

Soil fertility improvement and soil and water conservation team

 Soil surveying, characterization and classification

Soil testing service team


The Center found on 328km at the west direction of Addis Ababa at Nekemte town. It is located an altitude of 2140masl, 09.089770 North and 036.572640 East longitude. An average annual rain fall and temperature of Nekemte is 1998mm and 17.50c

Tel;- 0578,61,90,35/0578,61,90,34


P. O. Box     587, Nekemte.

E-Mail;- furnoleta2003@gmail.com

Address Zone;- East Welega

Wereda;- Nekemte town