ORCE services include; 

Oromia Roads   Construction Enterprise (ORCE), is a Oromia Regional State’s developmental institution services includes:-

Ø  Construct new roads, upgrade and maintain  existing roads,

Ø  Construct bridges and culverts,

Ø  Construct buildings,

Ø  Water Dams constructions, 

Ø  Drainages constructions (for marshlands re-claimations), 

Ø  Gravels productions 

Ø  Equipment maintenance,

To minimize cost of external repair, maintain all ORCE’s equipment in its garages except repairs that require special equipment/tools by capacitating own garage.

Strengthen the inspection packages to increase equipment availability.        

Ø  Mechanical fabrications,

Some mechanical equipment that can be fabricated locally in its  workshops such as; concrete molds, water tanks, bridge bearing, concrete mixers, spare parts, traffic signs, panels, etc,

Ø  Civil works productions,

 By producing crushed aggregate, concrete pipes, blockets, etc to      minimize costs of internal consumption as well as to maximize revenues of the enterprise through sales.