Oromia Roads Construction Enterprise was established public Enterprise as an autonomous body having a legal personality in proclamation No. 116/2000 (2008) issued by National Regional Government of Oromia since August 2008.The objective of the Enterprise is to carry out the construction, maintenance and upgrading of roads that contribute to the road network development of the region in particular and the country in general. Apart from the roads construction it participates in buildings, water works and other construction activities. The Enterprise has been certified as General Contractor one (GC-1). Its outreach will be beyond the Oromia Region where it can go other regions of the country and abroad.           


The Enterprise has  launched its customary activities in October with a total of 1,182 employees. At the beginning the road projects were taken from the Oromia Roads Authority (ORA) and contract entered through negotiation. 26 construction projects,10 maintenance offices and 26 access roads were among the works that were taken over from ORA. The maintenance offices were reorganized into 9 maintenance projects responsible for the maintenance and constructing and upgrading of access roads.

 Since its commencement, the Enterprise has set the primary target to provide accessible roads to the community. At the same time, the Enterprise is also undertaking various business activities besides the construction, like buying shares, maintains vehicles, other than own equipment.