Mandate And Responnsiblity

                     Duties of the Enterprise

o   Construct new roads, upgrade and maintain  existing roads,

o   Construct bridges and culverts,

o   Construct buildings,

o   Construct  water works,

o   Produce, import, sell and rent  materials that could be utilized     for or  related to construction of roads or other construction works,

o   Engage in investment activities and own property

                General Goals of the enterprise           

   To enhance ORCE to be profitable, efficient and competent public enterprise in the construction sector.

  Equipment maintenance,

To minimize cost of external repair, maintain all ORCE’s equipment in its garages except repairs that require special equipment/tools by capacitating own garage.

Strengthen the inspection packages to increase equipment availability.        

 Mechanical fabrications,

Some mechanical equipment that can be fabricated locally in its  workshops such as; concrete molds, water tanks, bridge bearing, concrete mixers, spare parts, traffic signs, panels, etc,

  Civil works productions,

By producing crushed aggregate, concrete pipes, blockets, etc to minimize costs of internal consumption as well as to maximize revenues of the enterprise through sales.